Nicole Cappetta

She Slays_Nicole Cappetta

Nicole Capetta is changing our world one small business at a time. Her brainchild North West Bulk Market is Whole Foods meets Etsy and we are here for it! As a true Disrupt(HER), she is building opportunities and embracing sustainability on her e-commerce platform promoting health foods and wellness products!

Ashley Kirkwood

Ashley Kirwood She Slays

Let’s get down to business

When you strike out to launch your business, there are a billion items on your checklist to take a dream from idea to reality. One of the most intimidating areas can be legal. We often wonder where to start, how to properly protect ourselves and our families.

Jihanna Barret

She Slays - Jihana Barrett

Stay connected and follow your dreams

It’s no secret that there is a lack of women in tech. It’s something that we hear often but is still foreign to most of us. Jihana is not only paving the way for women in the industry, but she is creating a space for them. She gives us advice on how to face our fears!

Yasmeen Tadia

Make Your Life Sweeter®

Yasmeen Tadia slays the sweet life of her small business. She is a single mother with ambition and drives to bring joy and happiness to consumers during the time of a pandemic. She gives us insight into how she has kept her company afloat during these tough times by adapting to change!

Shannen Stewart

Have you found a support system yet?

Shannen is a woman who understands the power of a tribe. After seeing firsthand that your network is your net worth, she set out on a mission to expand her territory. Heels and Handshakes is her way of leaving no woman behind.
Shannen’s inspiration comes from the inclusivity in her collaborative community to join together like-minded women. Her perspective on womanhood and building is one that will inspire you to keep forging relationships and cheering for your fellow woman.

Jillian ‘JJ’ Simmons

She Slays_Jillian 'JJ' Simmons

Jillian ‘JJ’ Simmons has been a voice in the music industry for well over a decade, and she continues to stretch and thrive. She has evolved as a woman, mother, and speaker. We reached to JJ to find out more about how today is shaping her tomorrow.

Kristal Howard


Aside from being the head of Corporate Communications for one of the largest retail food companies, The Kroger Company, Kristal Howard is an architect designing her life, her way, and on her terms. The well-rounded corporate executive isn’t afraid to express the sacrifices and commitment it took to dominate the corporate industry. That is why she unapologetically lends her presence and her experience as a black female to help enhance the Kroger story and simultaneously make a lasting impact on the community.

Franceska McCaughan

Your floral arrangements are beyond beautiful. What sparked your interest in the floral industry?
I have loved flowers ever since I can remember. I used to pick flowers as a child and arrange all the vases with the flowers inside differently depending on what room they would be featured in. I now get paid to do this for some of the world’s most notable brands, which has been a real honor and quite humbling if I’m honest.

Rhonda Cammon

What inspired you to start your business Perfectly Cordial?

Perfectly Cordial was started out of need and an empty space in the marketplace. I was looking for a cocktail mixer that would allow me to recreate cocktails that I enjoyed making as a bartender and enjoyed drinking as a customer. The products on the store shelves where full of sugar and water and very little of the fruit that was pictured on the bottle. I started making my own mixer where the first ingredient was fruit.

Jessica Sinclair

Why did you decide to become a nurse?

I know it sounds cliché, but I did not choose to become a nurse, nursing chose me. My father is a proud Jamaican and becoming a nurse was a dream of his, and it validated success in the Caribbean community. However, my initial response was that it was boring and hard. Upon completion of high school, I pursued a degree in media and communications.