Dr. Ashandra Batiste

After graduating from UT Austin, Ashandra Batiste headed to Howard University College of Dentistry to achieve a goal she?d had since the age of 11.

It?s not every day that a childhood accident can inspire you, and catapult you to fulfill your dreams.

Dr. Batiste is one of those rare people who has known what she wanted to do all of her life. She has sacrificed worked hard and dedicated herself to her craft. Owner of Elite Dental Wellness and cast member of BRAVOS Married to Medicine Houston it can be said that Dr. Batiste is living her dreams.

Mother, wife, and business owner are just a few of her titles. I sat down with this busy lady to get to know more about her journey and whats to come.

Tell me about the start of your career. ?I started out at a huge clinic with the goal to build my skills; I wanted to be exposed to as many procedures as possible.? Ten years ago at the start of her career, she worked at three offices to master her craft, which ultimately led her to the practice she currently owns.


(At the time of this interview Dr. Batiste had just moved into her brand new facility)

Now that you are comfortable in your career what are some of the challenges you face? ?At this point in my life, I am making an effort to not over think things, and allow God to take control. As an Entrepreneur, you work every day just to keep things going, so day-by-day works for me now. I?ve learned to count my wins, not my failures; there are things to be thankful for everyday? It?s those things we all take for granted like, ?hubby making it home and the kids are healthy. I want to grow the way God wants me to grow I?ve surrendered the thought of knowing where I will be one year or 5 years from now.?

What advice would you offer women who are going through what you?ve been through as a divorced single mom? ?You?re not first, you?re not the last, there are a lot of good things that will come from this, but you have to get to a place where you can receive it. Learn from this, look at every reason why it failed (your marriage), and own the role that you played in it, and fix it. Because whatever that role is you are doing it in other relationships.?

Now that you’ve been on Reality TV how have your thoughts changed about the industry? ?It?s so much harder than I thought it was. Working full time and filming is not like the Jetsons, where you just stand on a conveyor belt and come out looking fabulous it takes work. When the show is over you?ve got to put yourself out there you have to expose yourself. Overall I?ve loved the experience, it’s been a great opportunity, and I would do it again I truly feel like my husband and I were portrayed accurately?

Women are in a place right now that the doors are opening a little faster, now that the doors are opening what do we do? ?Be the best at your job, your career, your craft, because when you are the best, there is no question, never back down, use your power and support each other?

Written By: Ameerah Saine

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