Do It Like Beyonce

I happen to be a person who believes that you can learn a lot from Beyonce.?We know Beyonce to be the queen of privacy. You never know what she’s going to do and just when you think you’re not going to hear anything from her she drops an album in the middle of the night, and the whole world goes crazy.

So I was not surprised when I scrolled through my Instagram this past Sunday and saw that Beyonce had issued a 22-day vegan challenge.? When I first saw it I thought wow that is so cool she’s going to use her new love of veganism to get her fans and people who support her to change their way of life. I thought to myself that’s pretty amazing!

Over the last two years, I have made it my life’s mission to move my diet to a more plant-based diet, so I know the benefits and how much it makes your body feel like a million bucks.

So I’m thinking Beyonce is taking this to the next level making sure that people who support her and admire her are going to have a healthy life and feel the benefits that she feels.

Like most members of The Beehive, I immediately clicked the link in B’s bio.?? I was impressed with the questions they asked to make sure that I was going to get the meal plan of my dreams.??I was especially impressed with the platform and how I was able to choose what exactly I wanted to gain in changing my diet.

I finally finished the survey I couldn’t wait to get my 22-day challenge meal plan only to find out at the end that I would have to pay an annual fee of $99 or a monthly fee of $14.? I have no idea why that surprised me!? I guess the hopeful person inside of me thought B was just going to do the world of solid and give us some great meals some award-winning chef on her payroll created and I two would fall in love with veganism.

Let me be clear me deciding not to join the challenge, in no way means that I am not still a huge and loyal Beyonce fan. As a matter of fact, it made me love her even more. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again Beyonce is an f****** marketing Genius. Think about it she just secured Sir and Rumi’s trust funds and she didn’t have to drop a secret album in the middle of the night or announce a world tour. All she had to do was say hey I’m performing at Coachella in a few weeks and I want to drop a couple of lbs. And I was ready to answer the call become an accountability partner and join her mission.

So what it made me realize is that we should all try to do it like Beyonce. And when I say do it, I mean take something you are good at and make that money HONEY! So here are three things that I learned in the 12 minutes it took me to check out Beyonce’s 22-day Vegan Challenge.

1.? Don’t talk about it be about it
If you want to be a leader you have to move in silence. You don’t always need to share everything you are working on with your people. Keep them guessing.


3.? Share and share often?
Nobody likes a stingy person. When you discover, hacks share them with the people you love and the people who support you.

4. Find what you love and believe in and monetize the s*** out of it!?
There are tons of new moms, fed up employees, and frustrated women who are wondering what the hell they need to do to earn a living on their terms. ? Beyonce deciding to have a vegan challenge is a perfect example of how to find something you love and make money from it.?Now I know not many folks on this Earth have a following like Beyonce but use her example as a guide.? When you find something, you’re passionate about there are always ways to create materials, workshop, webinars, events and ebooks and tons of other resources to, cultivate and use to create a product or service that will put some coins in your wallet.

So hats off to Queen Bee for knocking another one out of the park I can’t wait to see how fine all of you folks will be in 22 days. I’m cheering for you!


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