42 Trips Around The Sun w/ Ameerah Saine

In this episode of The Brunch and Slay podcast we are celebrating Ameerah’s birthday with a challenge. The #WeBuildWeWin Challenge is our way of moving the conversion about #blacklivesmatter, racial injustice, and what each one of us can do to move the movement forward. This episode is about finding your own grit and doing something with it.

Ameerah podcast solo show

Fantasy is life with Amanda Gardner

Restored. Refreshed. Heavily Meditated. 🙂 Amanda Gardner breaks down how she's able to take care of her 4 children, create video games with her husband, and write books at the same time! Click on the link to listen to the newest episode on The Brunch and Slay Podcast.

Amanda Gardner

Digital World with Tia Kirby

Tia Kirby, used to cringe (actually cringe) when people would watch her youtube videos. All that changed when she challenged herself to find self-love. In this episode, we chat about everything from rebranding to natural hair and letting God guide you.

Tia's spiritual journey as a digital content creator leads her to connect with women and give them words of encouragement to find self-love.

Tia Kirby
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