Trauma, Anxiety and Depression During COVID-19 with Jenny Delacruz

Racial Injustice. Quarantine. Protest. Riots. Covid-19. It’s been a tough 2020. While many of us are looking for ways to cope with everything, what are we doing to help our little ones? How are they coping? Anxiety and depression specialist, Jenny Delacruz, dips deep into the number one thing we need to do… to help our kids make it through these tough times.

Jenny De La Cruz

Starting the Conversation with Krista Williams

Krista has an authentic platform and is using it to have controversial but powerful conversations. This BAS episode gets emotional. We don’t stop our tears from falling in this episode because we know, this is a conversation needed to make the change.

Krista Williams

To Blog or Not to Blog with Vanessa Luna

Vanessa Luna never thought she could be a blogger full-time She came from a small town, ready to make something of herself in Dallas, and that's exactly what she did. She's sharing her story of how she fell into the world of blogging and what she's learned along the way.

Vannesa Luna
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