#185 - Wherever I Am, I Belong with Melissa Hibbert

On this week’s episode, Melissa Hibbert shows us her journey transitioning from corporate America to paving her own path as a successful celebrity make-up artist, brand consultant, author, and licensed esthetician.

Melissa tells us all the ways that she highlighted her high value skills to let her break into the beauty industry, and how you can apply these ideas to your career goals too. With marketing tips, advice on climbing industry ladders, and unbelievable stories of meeting celebrity idols, you’ll want to listen to this episode all the way through to the end! What you will learn from Melissa: -How to Start Up Your Own Career -Ways to stand out and show your worth -Utilizing social media marketing trends to leverage industries in your favor

Melissa Hibbert BAS Podcast

I've Got Goals with Ameerah Saine #184

Happy New Year from BAS Media!! I'm excited to start a new year and sharing my goals for with the BAS tribe. 2020 is behind us, and H-E-L-L-O 2021!! We only can only go up from here.

Ameerah Saine BAS Podcast

Aligned Intelligence with Mia Hewett #183

In another awesome BAS interview, listen to how Mia Hewett explains how the world really works, and that no one who self-made that did it all by themself. She started from humble beginnings and is now sharing her truth with the world - paying it forward. Please click the link below for a free copy of the book.

Mia Hewett BAS Podcast
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