The Haitian Nomad w/Richard Cantave

A simple invitation turned to an all-out business for Richard Cantave! Now he’s traveling the world and bringing us with him! He sat down with me and explained what inspired him to start his very own travel company and why he kept going after some major road blocks.

Arian Turner

Failure, expectations, success, and fears. Ariane has been through it all and is now one a wildly successful movie makeup artist. She’s worked on movies almost everyone has seen! How’d she find her passion and get to where she is now? Listen in to hear her story.

Ashley Kirkwood

Ashley Kirkwood is a lawyer by trade and a student success speaker by choice! She talks choosing long term fulfillment over short-term satisfaction by envisioning the life she wanted and manifesting that into the career that she wanted. Ashley arms her clients with the resources they need to protect their brand.

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