Echo Huang

She Slays Natalie Franke

Natalie Franke

How have you had to pivot during COVID-19?

I have not had to pivot, but there were some hard truths to face. My pipeline is predicated on brands needing social strategy, partnership, and influencer marketing support. If brands aren’t allocating funds to agency support, that affects my pipeline. I have been blessed with sustained clientele for the year, however, if need be, I have bolstered my agency with a business development machine.

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She Slays_Tiffany Hardin

Tiffany Hardin

Where did the idea of the Gild Creative Group come from?

Our mission is to provide superior marketing services to clients that consciously innovate and elevate the well-being of culture.We best serve clients who thrive on turning ideas into reality and developing culture stories that can be shared, appreciated, and, yes, measured. We serve people, products, platforms, ideas, and movements

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She Slays_Ericka Young

Ericka Young

What has COVID-19 taught you?

Always be prepared. You never know what life may bring you but you can be prepared financially to handle the storms that come your way. COVID-19 has also taught me to let go of my plan. Sometimes our plans get side-tracked and we may need to let go of what we thought it would look like.

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