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“Less like a podcast and more like brunch with your girlfriends, the Brunch and Slay podcast inspires every Tuesday! Host, Ameerah Saine, chats with women who are disrupting their respective fields – from CEOs to health gurus, filmmakers, consultants, this podcast is full of successes, fails, resources, and inspiration. The BAS podcast has everything you need to start carving your entrepreneur path to become a true Disrupt(HER)!”

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Sometimes knowing what inspires those who have come before you is all the motivation you need to make it to the next level. Find out how

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Self-paced learning is the new black, and don’t you forget it. Life is about ebb and flow, and we know that to flow, sometimes new skills are required.


Our courses offer you the option of learning at your own pace anytime you want at a rate that doesn’t break the bank. Take the time that you need to get the skills that will help you level up in business and life.

2016, Ameerah Saine felt disappointed in all of her favorite publications. As an avid reader, traveler, and career woman, she felt that stories, resources, and events that catered to women of color were virtually non-existent. She decided to host a pop-up brunch to connect with local women in hopes that maybe they shared the same concerns, goals, and aspirations. We’ve evolved a lot since then.

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Our podcast is the perfect mix of inspiration and good times. When you hear it, you’ll feel like your at brunch with your favorite girlfriends who just happen to be some of the most creative and successful folks we know.


We know that time is money and the hottest commodity that you possess, which is why we keep it short and sweet. We ask the questions and give you the answers with a 2 – to 3-minute read—no filler questions just good content to help you navigate this thing called life. If we don’t love it, we don’t post it. We respect you too much for that!


Gain new skills or sharpen those that you have with our online courses curated by us presented by our favorite experts. You’ll learn the skills you need to go from beginner to ROCKSTAR from the comfort of your home.

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