Technology Events


It’s seems like ever week I’m introduced to some new form of technology or gadget that I have to have. I’d noticed that I wasn’t alone in this discovery. Which is why I decided to bring more technology events and content to Brunch and Slay.


Partnering with Apple for our first Women Technology event was a no brainer. First off I use Apple for everything, and I’d be lying if I said I knew how to use all my products 100%. So the idea of creating an experience that would be educational and fun at the same time was what I set out to do.



January 21st we partnered with Apple to create a forum on all things Apple for the Brunch and Slay tribe, and we had a blast.



We were joined by Rong Rong Devoe Master Fashion illustrator, Ashley Takacs custom jewelry creator and founder of A.Tak Crafts, Antionette Cheek Founder of The Creat(her) life, and Erica Martinez of Upserve. These ladies sat on a panel and shared their love of all things Apple, and how there beloved products have served them in business.

The ladies in attendance were able to gain one on one attention, guidance and have all there tuff questions answered by Apple staff.


We were also graced with two original pieces presented by Naomi Martin of Nevertheless Naomi local speaker and poet. (click the link find free downloads her custom pieces) 


As we move forward in 2017 I hope to continue to bring you opportunities to grow and connect with technology!