Tanaha Hairston

All Skin is not created equal


Tanaha Hairston, founder of Blended Global Skincare is on a mission to debunk the “one-size-
fits-all" myth and mentality that women have been forced to accept.

After being told by a world-renowned dermatologist that her blended heritage would always
provide her with “special challenges" when it came to skin care, Hairston realized that a need
had to be met, and her mission began.

During Tanaha’s extensive travel she always found a common thread when it came to skincare.
She realized that from Africa to Asia each culture had their own unique story and methods for
attaining beautiful skin. Each region sourced native ingredients to create products that would
address their skin care concerns.

For me, the idea of a product that embraces the differences and address the need to have a
more specific formula for the care of your skin based on ones heritage totally got my attention.
Being the self-proclaimed beauty product junkie that I am I had to know more. l‘m so thankful
that Tanaha was happy to share a few moments with me.

Tanaha Hairston is one of those women that you connect with and immediately want to know
more about. As an engineer by trade she brings many prospectives to the beauty industry. As a
female entrepreneur she offers a wealth of knowledge and l was pleased at just how willing she
was to share.


Tanaha, how is Blended different from other products?

Blended is a melanin specific
product. We realize that melanin rich skin does not typically have the same concerns as those
with less melanin. “There are so may benefits to using products that offer region specific


Why was creating Blended so important to you?

After traveling extensively and discovering
the unique beauty regimens of other cultures “I wanted to share all the secrets”. “ There was not
another product out there” that specifically addressed the differences of skin by culture.
Although Blended only launched in 2016 it has quickly developed a following. I would contribute
its quick success to Tanaha's dedication to the empowerment of women. From adding a
message of empowerment on each bottle to donating a percentage of its profits to charity,
Hairston is creating a brand that stands for all women.


What advice can you offer someone just starting out in the world of entrepreneurship?

“Enjoy the process” when launching your business “select something that solves a problem or
brings joy" to others. Most of all “always be lenient to start” it's better to “run out of the product”
than to have an over abundance of product unused and unwanted. Lastly, “spend your time with
people who are where you want to be." Surrounding yourself with people who inspire you will
never fail you.


What’s next for blended?

Hair-care designed specifically for your culture.