Live Your Best Life

Over the past few years, I have totally given up on wearing watches. I kind of fell into the groove of using my phone for everything. I once was a person who adored having a variety of watches, but honestly, I just hadn’t seen anything in ages that made me feel like wearing it.


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When I scroll through my social media feed each day, I see POWER. I see women who are bold, who have decided to live their best lives. I see this now because I decided to take inventory of what I allow to be an influence in my life. I had to remind myself that unfollowing sites, pages, and people who no longer bring me LIGHT is OK. For a while there it was almost as if we women gave up on showing the world that we are not catty, self-absorbed creatures who thrive on drama (bear with me).

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Recently as I listened to one of my favorite podcast, NPR: Planet Money, one particular show caught my attention.

It was episode 217: The Art of Living at Poverty Line. The show went on to tell of a woman who is a single parent and made a meager 16, 000.00 a year, with extra income coming from other part time jobs she held as well.

Her life necessities were supplied by the Government, and she was dependent on the system for food, insurance, and was waiting on shelter assistance.

But she managed to receive an interest free loan to fund her and her son a vacation to a Caribbean resort, no hassle.

Not to take away from her hard work and unfortunate situation, but I felt some type of way listening to this. I have worked 3 jobs to provide a very nice life for my family and could not wait to hear how this lady who makes significantly less than me managed to give her son the amazing vacation I felt I could only dream of.

Only a few minutes in, they got right to the point- Can you guess how she did this?

Her credit rating was excellent, meaning she had a 750 or higher. Now, I don’t know what you do with your credit or how you have managed to get it where it is, but let me be the first to say, EXCELLENT CREDIT AIN’T EASY! It’s discipline.

But what was even more of a take away to me was this thought I had:

This lady lived a very humble life. She didn’t take a vacation every season. She didn’t shop and have the latest trends. She struggled, yet she had managed to live a wealthier life than many of us.

We focus so much on money, and how much of it we have to do the things we want in our lives, but we rarely focus on the importance the discipline of building excellent credit.

Ladies, together let’s focus on being excellent and loosen the confines that money has placed on our wealth!


It’s been a trying few days, ladies! I truly felt like I was being provoked to all ends, and it really caused my energy to shift in a bad way. I didn’t want to be nice. I didn’t want to work out. I definitely didn’t want to right a positive blog post! I truly wanted to stay and live in my emotions for the time being, but a social media mentor of mine and her favorite hashtag kept popping up in my head.


Eunice used this hashtag to help push her through the things she didn’t want to do. Whether it was driven by fear, emotions, stubbornness, etc., I watch her do it anyway. I watched her go from being an assistant, to becoming a comedian, then added radio host, left radio to become a freaking morning weather girl, and now she is a news anchor. Many of these jobs overlapped, (and still do- she is still a stand-up comedian in the Alabama/Atlanta area. Follow her at @EuniceElliott) and it didn’t seem she was posting anything BUT work. She did it anyway. She hired herself a personal trainer- and not just any trainer, Noah Galloway, former US Army Marine, fitness model and motivational speaker, and Dancing with the Stars Alum (he was widely known for his story of losing one of his legs while serving our country). She often documented on how much she did not want to change her eating habits, or walk on that treadmill, but at the end of every post, good or bad, it always said #DoItAnyway.

Let me tell you something, I don’t naturally have that #DoItAnyway personality. My personality usually shifts to #PettyBetty- don’t laugh, petty women need love, too! But I loved following her and she posts a lot, so the #DoItAnyway became a part of my everyday visual, and when I tell you It kicked in on Tuesday night, IT KICKED IN! After wine testing a bottle of Sauternes ( be not judgmental) I sat on my patio, running out of pitiful yet valid reasons/excuses as to why I couldn’t move forward in positive energy, and a faint, creepy whisper came to me and said #DoItAnyway.

Well……. That’s the end of my story. I did it anyway. I went to work and I had a positive attitude. I went to the gym when I wanted to sleep in. I put my stubbornness aside, even when I still felt petty. And I wrote this blog post, even when I didn’t feel like I had something good for y’all.

Go work out, even if you still eat terribly. Tell the truth, even when you don’t want to cause friction. Be kind, even when you feel the other person doesn’t deserve it. Take time for you, when you are overwhelmed. Budget that account, when you know it’s not much to budget with.

I did it anyway… And ladies, knowing to protect yourself and your state of mind with a #DoItAnyway mentality, will take us farther than any self-pity, self- loathing or self-inflicted fear ever will.


Self-Care Saves Lives...

That was on a shirt I bought, courteous of the @alex_elle Instagram page.

I’ve always been in awe of those who know the importance of selfishly taking time for themselves. Naturally, I’m a people pleaser and it has taken a lot of reflecting on what I want in my life and the things that it will take to get me there, to get me to understand the importance of doing for me. As women, we tend to cater to our natural ways of caring for others, whether it be children, a relationship, and/ or friends, and in return, we lose the tenacity it takes for self-perseverance. We get so submerged in the day to day activities of life, that we forget it’s self-love, that we need to live!

Let’s be bold in ou...

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As women, we often stretch ourselves thin when it comes to matters of the home and family. Most of us are taught from a young age that cleaning, cooking and taking care of the home are the most important roles that we have as mothers and caregivers. Many of us handle these household functions, alongside demanding careers and the belief that we have to be beautiful at all times. Although there’s not necessarily a problem with this, it is critical for women to understand that there is nothing wrong with putting themselves in the forefront and focusing on their own lives. In fact, for women it’s vital that we develop confidence and security within ourselves by focusing on our lives mentally, physically and financially.


Life is a stressful cycle of highs and lows. When you’re in a good place mentally and emotionally, you are better equipped to tackle all that life throws your way. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be hard times - there will be. However, if you are in the habit of focusing on yourself you have the capacity and mental fortitude to handle any situation, no matter how difficult. We often doubt ourselves, comparing our lives with the lives of other, more accomplished women. This is a massive mistake. We all have unique skills and talents that we should strive to improve and share. Focusing on yourself and letting your talents shine will give you a sense of purpose and a positive self-image.


You can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself. I’m not sure who first stated these words, but they ring true. Women often put the needs of others before all else, including their own health. Wouldn’t your loved ones benefit more if you were in the best physical health? Absolutely they would. Taking care of your health helps to reduce stress and it sets a good example for those around you, especially your children.


Financial security is something that all people should be worried about, especially when it comes to saving up for retirement and your future. A common mistake that many women make is being financially dependent on others, mainly their husbands or partners. When you begin to focus on your finances, you allow yourself to build a level of resiliency that is hard to break. Taking control of your finances will increase your overall well-being and gives you the freedom to accomplish the goals that you’ve set for your life.

When a women begins to take charge and focuses on all aspects of herself, she sets the foundation for a fulfilling, happy life. Focusing on self, health and wealth helps to reduce many of the fears we encounter in life. The uncertainties and hurdles in life are easy to manage when you’re healthy, both physically and emotionally, and financially secure.